Love March


Made for GBJam 5.

Love March is a sort-of puzzle game with elements inspired by Pikmin. You are on a mission to confess your love to someone, but you've got to trek all the way across the city to get there. Naturally, when you march with such a spring in your step, people are inclined to support you. Use band formations to prevent your band members from running into hazards, and aim for the highest score in each level.

I'd like to come back to this some day and work it into something more complete, but for now there are three levels and a simple ending. The tutorials should be enough to get you going, the rest is up to you to figure out. I may or may not have made levels 2 & 3 too hard.

Arrow keys to control, Z and X for actions.

Made in GameMaker. Art in GraphicsGale and music and sound effects made in Deflemask (with the exception of one sound effect made in Famitracker).

Protip: in case you missed it, you can use the blockade formation to protect from bicycle riders.

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Published169 days ago
Tags2D, 8-bit, gameboy, GBJam, pikmin, puzzle, strategy
Average durationA few minutes


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I like it ! It is pretty hard but so sweet...
The collisions are not visually brutal, I like how you have done that.
A project about love (and pikmins) is great and rare !
It is a refreshing & heartwarming little game.

Good luck and love ! <3